Synereo is a fully decentralized
and distributed social platform

Owned by the
people who use it.

Next-gen social platform

Your attention is scarce, precious
and powerful.
It’s time for it to work for you.

Fully decentralized

There’s no single point of failure.
The network cannot be taken
down or hijacked.

Be who you want

Your self-expression varies across
networks. Construct and present
your identity as you see fit.

Your data is yours

Completely spy-proof.
Only you decide who can view
your profile and content.

The cutting-edge of the

Peer to peer stack

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A sustainable model for the new

Reputation &

Attention Economy

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The currency that powers

Your attention

A coin with an inherent value

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Dor Konforty

CEO, Architect

Dor is an expert on collaboration on the net and the wisdom of crowds. Has a master’s degree in neurobiology from an interdisciplinary brain research program in Tel-Aviv University. A graduate of the Israeli Air Force IT unit. Has been living and breathing crypto since early 2011.
A child of the Internet.

Anderson McCutcheon


Andy comes from a diverse programming background, having served in IDF’s 8200 unit and developed real-time climate control & management systems. Having built several successful communities, he has spent the last few years managing marketing for the world’s biggest real money gaming brands.
Loves lamp.

Yuval Adam


Yuval is a full-stack technologist, experienced in building distributed web services, through deploying wireless mesh networks, to embedded systems development. Holds a B.Sc in Computer Sciences from Ben-Gurion University. Founded the Tel-Aviv chapter of CryptoParty, advocating for privacy and digital liberties.

Lucius Greg Meredith

CSO, Mathemagician

Greg was the principal architect of Microsoft’s BizTalk’s Process Orchestration, sparking several industry standards including WSDL (of which Greg is a co-author). Greg holds many patents and has published many papers, including seminal papers on reflective higher-order calculi. Supports his math habit by working in computing.

Be part of the solution

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