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Decentralized Economy

Synereo provides the platform. You build dApps, simply.

In the decentralized economy, everyone benefits. Synereo powered dApps interface with each other easily and securely. Users talk and exchange value without need for middle-men, outside of walled gardens.

Synereo is powered by a scalable, functional tech stack.

It is the only decentralized platform allowing applications to exist without a centralized server, at all.
Synereo's Decentralized Tech Stack

Blockchain 2.0

Blockchain 1.0 brought us Bitcoin, and it was good, but we wanted a foundation for the fully decentralized ecosystem we envisioned. The Synereo team has built an entirely new, calculus-powered blockchain 2.0 framework - ready to build the decentralized economy of the future.

Rholang, a new smart contracting language

Rholang is based on process calculus, a mathematical approach developed specifically to design distributed and parallel computing.

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