The AMP, issued in 2015, is Synereo’s native cryptocurrency. It powers Synereo’s network of Liberated Attention Economy products, where it incentivizes users to reward each other for value-creation acts directly – without intermediaries or fees.

The Flow of AMPs

The success of Synereo is predicated on the content ecosystem getting used to and adopting the ideas we espouse, of putting the value created throughout the entire value-creation chain of the Attention Economy in the hands of those responsible for it —

via the flow of AMPs.

As this happens, a replacement of the exploitative models prevalent today, Synereo aims to put AMPs in the hands of every Internet user.

Bootstrapping an Economy

Synereo will only ever release and use AMPs as a means of acquiring more users for its platform, incentivizing them to use it, driving growth, and facilitating networks effects. Distributed into specific wallets detailed in the policies doc, AMPs are given out as part of Referral Programs, rewarded for skilled use of the platform, and as part of Creator and Curator Programs encouraging high-value users to migrate to the platform and use it as their main venue.

The AMPs Synereo holds are used to seed the new marketplace and forming economy. AMPs are being and will continue being distributed responsibly, in ever-increasing amounts as the network matures and grows, facilitating the creation of a Liberated Attention Economy — until they become a new fact of life.


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