Phase 1:

Attention Economy Layer of the Web

Alpha → MVP → Beta (Status: Done)

Released as Alpha on March 2017, WildSpark, Synereo’s first product, is a platform agnostic Attention Economy layer situated on top of existing social media hubs. WildSpark allows content creators and curators to benefit directly from the value they generate online.   

Continuing the development based on what we’ve learned, the MVP was released to a select few community members on August 2017. A few iterations later, WildSpark’s initial feature set reached maturity and graduated to Open Beta status. This more mature version was released to a wider public, which started using WildSpark daily.

Build User Base → Create Partnerships → Support more Platforms

(Status: Launched February 2018)

To significantly expand the user base and the network underlying the Liberated Attention Economy, Synereo is approaching major content creators, publishers, and old-school distributors looking to join the decentralization revolution. This is where Synereo’s AMP war-chest comes in handy, providing handsome incentives for talent migrating to the platform, and indeed we’re already in touch with a few big names who wish to monetize their activity using our novel means.

With support for more media platforms, and with AMPs acquiring more and more integrated and effective uses within the network’s internal economy, the range of content and value-creation activities monetizable with Synereo grows, and with it the proliferation of AMP.

Phase 2:

Decentralize All Things

Decentralized CDN (Status: Launching Q1 2019)

Remove need for centralized content hubs

IPFS is targeted as the most likely base solution. IPFS fits our purposes well as it allows users to provide their resources and participate in facilitating in the content delivery network. It does not rely on centralized infrastructure that can lose history, censor content, or block users from accessing the network.

We’re also looking at WebTorrent and GitTorret, who are using existing torrent networks (BitTorrent protocol) to build decentralized applications. These protocols are very open and allow developers to build their apps in the way the want, allowing great flexibility.

Decentralized Attention Economy Layer (Status: depends on tech availability)

Remove need for Synereo centralized database and logic

There currently does not exist a Blockchain answering our requirements, able to run the Attention Economy logic in a secure and scalable manner. We will continually follow and research the available Blockchains that are most compatible with our requirements. As we all know, this is a rapidly evolving space. It’s especially important for us to find a stable blockchain solution with good smart contracting capabilities.

Migrate User Data Into Decentralized Solution (Status: depends on tech availability)

In the initial phase, data is collected into a centralized staging database to record information regarding the social network graph, content,and Amplifications to process the rewards and information flowing to users based on our Liberated Attention Economy model. This helps us test and modify the model to better incentivize the creation and curation of quality content.

Once a decentralized solution exists, this data will directly be fed into the decentralized social networking platform we will spin up, securely and privately stored on a Blockchain. Users could choose to participate in an opt-in program and voluntarily share data with Synereo to help us modify the economic models and strengthen our backend processes.

Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Communications Layer (Status: depends on tech availability)

Remove need for centralized social networks

Synereo’s Attention Economy products require scalable, secure and low cost communication and payment channels which are currently still early in development. We are looking for a solution that could facilitate the secure transfer of value off-chain, avoiding the bottleneck created by slow Blockchain global consensus.

Synereo’s vision for its Attention Economy products require scalable, secure and low cost decentralized communication capabilities. We plan to allow users to connect directly to one another (in peer-to-peer fashion) in their web browsers, without the need for communications to be proxied by a third-party server (i.e. a middleman).

We’ve been researching options for this communications layer based on DHT (distributed hash table) capabilities using WebRTC, along with IPFS, and are excited about the potential of this combination.

However, the possibility remains that WildSpark reaches maturity before existing blockchain technology is prepared to underlie the fully-developed product. In the event this occurs, Synereo will continue advancing the experience offered by WildSpark and expanding the economy facilitated by it. While WildSpark’s initial set of features is complete, and the next milestones outlined in ongoing development, the product has additional room for advancement. We will not let the lack of technology stop us from pushing the platform onward and making the best of it.

Phase 3:

The Full Circle

Synereo’s Native Content Hosting dApp (Status: Launching Q2-3 2019)

Once we’ve decentralized the means of social communication, collaboration and information dissemination, we’ll turn to create an application that does the same to user generated content platforms (such as YouTube, SoundCloud, and other sites relying on large data).

Synereo users will be able to upload their content directly to a decentralized network, fully controlling how it’s accessed, monetized, and spread through the network.

Fully Decentralized and Distributed Social Network (Status: Launching Q4 2019)

With current social networks, you are not the client. You are the product being sold. The value you create by being a part of the network flows upwards immediately, reaching only a select few: those in control of the network. With Synereo’s completely decentralized and distributed network, you are in control. The value you create stays in your hands. Synereo’s next-gen social network puts security, identity, and community management directly under your purview, respecting your attention and rewarding you for your activity on the network.

Synereo is committed to making all of the work we do in the decentralized space open-source, producing high quality library code for the community.