Dor Konforty
Founder, CEO
Dor is an expert on decentralized organizational principles with many years of experience in the space. Has a master’s degree in neurobiology from an interdisciplinary brain research program in Tel-Aviv University, working on neural networks, and knows what makes distributed economies flow -- whether they’re based on neurotransmitters or cryptocurrencies. A graduate of the Israeli Air Force IT unit.
Eran Ozery
As a growth and strategy consultant, Eran has startup and corporate experience across multiple industries in the online world, encompassing product, management, marketing, and technology roles. He has a worked extensively on finance, social networking, and digital currency ventures, and brings passion and creativity to every project.
Avi Lior
VP Product
A results-driven veteran entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in product development. Avi has been involved in a variety of projects, including social apps, online gaming, and trading platforms for web and mobile. A keen musicologist, and a long distance runner.
Ifat Tal-Havia
Ifat holds a degree in accounting, as well as a Master’s degree in Business Administration. She has worked in the hi-tech, real estate, and pharmaceutical industries, and she specializes in providing financial services and participating in key decisions pertaining to strategic initiatives, budget and investment allocations, and operational execution for companies in the early stages of growth.
Zachi Hazan
Zachi is a software engineer with a degree in computer engineering. He has years of experience in leading R&D teams in startups, defining the architecture and design of distributed, highly-scalable, low-latency, and event-driven applications, enjoys researching and implementing new technologies and specializes in J2EE, Spring, backend systems, and IMDG. Zachi is also an avid sportsman; handball and stand-up paddleboarding are his favorites.
Laurie Ben-Haim
VP Marketing
Hailing from New York City, Laurie has more than a decade of experience in marketing, public relations, advertising and technology. Through her career, she played intricate roles in start-up acquisitions. A seasoned marketer with a vast knowledge in branding and marketing tech, Laurie is spearheading all marketing endeavours: branding, positioning and creative strategy of Synereo's blockchain-enabled Attention Economy solutions.
Shay Zluf
Lead Developer
Shay is a developer and entrepreneur who has led the La`Zooz-decentralized transportation project. Shay is motivated by the potential change of decentralized systems on human interaction and freedom. Putting in place a system that will replace the old and broken system is what makes Shay rock. He has been a developer for the last 15 years and is a natural Scrum team leader. In his downtime, Shay enjoys dancing, singing, and yoga.
Ori Glazer
Product Manager
Ori holds a degree in Industrial Engineering & Management from Tel Aviv University. He is a skilled product manager with experience across the product development cycle – from creating specs, to defining and building UI/UX flows, stress testing, and integrating usability studies and partner feedback. If he has any spare time, Ori likes playing a friendly poker match and watching football.
Noy Konforty
Lead Designer
Noy is a media artist who uses graphic design, animation, and illustration as her expressive canvas.​ ​Worked as​ the​ ​lead brand designer for startups like Fashioholic, Uppbit​,​ ​TakeMedia, and others. Noy teaches graphic design in her spare time.
Eli Wrightman
Community Manager
Eli is a communications/marketing professional, and has worked in the financial sector for several years now, first at online trading companies, then for investing news and analysis sites. In his free time, Eli enjoys reading, painting, and working out.
Naty Haber
Full Stack Developer
Naty is a full stack developer with a degree in computer software engineering. In addition to web, big data, and full stack development skills, Naty also has recruitment, training, and managerial experience. Designing hi-tech products and improving infrastructures is what gets him going. He also enjoys playing an active role in problem-solving, and planning development roadmaps. In his free time, Naty loves bike riding.
Omer Solomon
Omer is a talented web developer and project designer. She has experience maintaining domains and web servers, building landing pages and minisites, and developing large, scalable systems, mainly in Angular2, Typescript, Javascript, HTML & SCSS.. When she’s not coding, you’ll either catch her baking or working out at the gym.
Dar Kreiser
Dar is an Electrical Engineer and full-stack developer who specialize in client-side operations. Creating exciting and beautiful things using the latest technologies is what makes his heart tick. Dar thinks of himself as a “foodie,” and he gets his thrills from traveling and skiing double black diamond trails.
Tammy Akrish
QA Manager
Tammy is a QA engineer with a wealth of experience in both manual and automatic testing environments. With a master’s degree in business administration, she previously held team lead and management positions in global telecom and online trading companies. In her spare time, Tammy relaxes by going to the beach and swimming, but if it’s too cold, a refreshing walk outside does the trick.
Villi Katrih
Villi is a professional software developer specializing in security and user privacy. He brings with him more than a decade of experience in everything from API/web servers, to communications systems and web/mobile applications. Born with a love for tech, when he’s not coding, you’ll find Villi in the cage practicing mixed martial arts.
Julia Borozdina
Julia has a Master’s degree focused in Mechanical Engineering from Kharkov State Polytechnic University. She is an experienced Java/Scala/Go developer, skilled in Scrum, SQL, Agile Methodologies, and Javascript.
R. Violini
Data Scientist
Violini is a microeconomist studying social and economic networks. Her research is focused on studying game theory in networks and how social interactions impact individuals' choices. She has a Ph.D. in economics with a master's degree in experimental particle physics.


Gigi Levy-Weiss
Investor & Advisor
Gigi is a founder, angel investor and board member in technology start-ups such as Playtika, Kenshoo, Plarium, MyHeritage, Optimove, Meerkat, R2Net, SimilarWeb, and many others.
James Currier
Investor & Advisor
James is the Managing Partner of NFX Guild, a program based seed investment company in Palo Alto. Previously, he was co-founder and CEO of 4 venture-backed companies including Tickle, WonderHill, IronPearl, and Jiff.
Craig Sellars
Craig Sellars leads the development of global innovations on top of the blockchain and acts in a variety of roles as Co-Founder, Director, Advisor and Senior Executive for several Bitcoin and Blockchain 2.0 projects
Matt Black
Matt Black is half of legendary DJ duo and multimedia pop group Coldcut, formed in 1987, and founders of the Ninja Tune UK independent record label.
Andy McCutcheon
Co-Founder & Advisor
Anderson McCutcheon comes from a diverse marketing and programming background, having served in the 8200 IDF unit and held marketing positions in 888Holdings and AMAYA prior to switching his focus to entrepreneurship.

Greater China Region

Jeremy HM Chou
Jeremy is a serial entrepreneur, founder and advisor in innovative start-ups including blockchain, fashion, education, film & TV, and creative; He is the CEO of Beijing Tianxiaqingyang, a financial agency focused on overseas investing management, advisory and market development within Greater China Region. He is also advisor of XCARE: blockchain in life science data collaboration system; External partner of Youth Investment Club.
Michael (Fei) Xu
Partner & Advisor
Michael is a founder, angel investor and board member in many enterprises and technology start-ups in blockchain, finance, military-civilian integration, technology and mobile. The founding partner and president of Element Capital, ranked 12nd securities FoF in Mainland China, 2017. Michael is the founder of Youth Investment Club; Lifetime member of China Young Angels Investor Leader Association.